F. Batmanghelidj M.D. – Obesity Cancer Depression

F. Batmanghelidj M.D. – Obesity Cancer Depression

After reading and reviewing three of Dr. Batmanghelidj’s books, including the international bestseller Your Body’s Many Cries For Water (translated into 15 languages), ABC Of Asthma, Allergies & Lupus and Water: For Health, For Healing, For Life, I thought that I knew everything I needed to know about the dire effects of chronic unintentional dehydration, which is what the doctor solely researched for the last twenty-four years of his life. I was pleased to discover that, while I already knew some of the information, there was new research that confirmed and better clarified his findings that make his water and salt cure even more plausible.

Since 1992 when his first book was released, many, many people have come to hear of his cure program though his books, radio appearances and from people who have followed it and want to spread the word. Some of their letters to him are included in his last book, Obesity, Cancer & Depression, many, including doctors, with their full names. One doctor is Dr. Lorraine Day, a now-controversial, formerly-prominent orthopedic surgeon from San Francisco General Hospital, who succumbed to a very fast-growing breast cancer. Her website at drday.com displays pictures of the huge tumor on her breast and gives more info on her, but Batman recounts her story of becoming cancer-free after eight months on his program as well as nine other natural changes in her diet and lifestyle (she refused chemo, radiation and ’mutilating surgery’). Twelve years later she still is.

Even pets have been cured of arthritis and terminal cancer, with letters included from a chiropracter, Dr. Gary Weissburger, and Bob Butts, who earlier had written that the water cure had cured his stubborn back pain and slenderized his wife and him without dieting, now reports on how Weissburger saved a dog’s life by prescribing salt in his water.

Dr. Batman’s twenty-four years of research into chronic unintentional dehydration yielded much of great value, though as recently as 2002 an attempt to squelch his years of research was made by Professor Heinz Valtin in the Journal of Physiology who wrote that, opposite of Batman’s views, people should wait until they are thirsty to drink water. Not until January 2003 did Batman find Townsend Letters For Doctors And Patients who would publish his intelligent rebuttal and only because they are the top alternative medicine publication! No newspaper who had published Valtin’s views would touch his rebuttal. The Food and Nutrition Panel in February 2004 echoed Valtin’s views too.

Batman reports that the National Institutes of Health, the American Medical Association and the Department of Health and Human Services were not interested in his research and the NIH even censored his presentation on the neurotransmitter histamine as the body’s primary water regulator by removing it from the report of the first Alternative Medicine Conference in Virginia in 1992.

For pity’s sake, adequate hydration and salt intake would not be considered alternative medicine in Europe, but common sense by doctors as a Spanish friend told me today. Batman’s clinical and scientific research into molecular physiology of dehydration and ’peer-reviewed introduction of a paradigm shift in medical science,’ such as his article in Anticancer Research, Sept.-Oct. 1987, deserves much more respect in the U.S. Naturally his research and program isn’t good news for the drug business here for many people will reduce or eliminate their need for drugs when they’ve followed Batman’s protocol.

Chronic dehydration, as it affects the water inside our body’s cells first, isn’t easy to determine by doctors or ourselves, but a look at the color of our urine as well as checking our output compared to input will offer a clue. Urine that is yellow or orange indicates medium to severe dehydration. You want light yellow or colorless urine, although intake of some vitamins or foods could change its color. Another clue would be the level of difficulty in having bowel movements and frequent headaches.

Batman starts out the 233-page book by explaining four false assumptions regarding water, the most important one being that we cannot get our water needs with other liquids like milk or fruit juice and definitely not with caffeinated drinks, diet sodas or alcohol. He continues to explain how obesity, depression and cancer, especially prostate and breast, are the product of chronic dehydration over years. One standout letter from a David Caruso who lost 300 pounds in two years on Batman’s advice included several before and after pictures. It should be noted that Caruso also had vitamin and mineral deficiencies caused by his dehydration that were addressed as well.

Water that we drink is used for so many life-giving functions, one of which is to transport nutrients from food to where they can be used and another is to eliminate toxic waste that acidifies our bodies. If we are dehydrated, these functions suffer and in time will cause nutrient deficiencies no matter how much we eat, obesity, insulin-independent diabetes, hypertension, strokes, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, allergies, autoimmune diseases, ADD and most cancers.

I learned a great deal of detailed, convincing and referenced research from Obesity, Cancer And Depression as I have from the other books, although some information was carried over from the earlier books. I also enjoyed the many testimonials from people who had a range of health problems that responded within days or months to getting enough water and salt at the proper times every day. Often people had called Batman and asked his advice at no charge and he made house calls when requested. He not only listed all the benefits of the right amount of water and unrefined seasalt, but other minerals, enzymes, hour-long walks twelve hours apart, sunlight and other good things.

The 2004 book has four sections (Obesity, Depression, Cancer, Their Natural Cure) that should convince anyone with increasing health problems of the need to consult their physician about it or to find another doctor who will work with you. Batman is, sadly, no longer with us. His books are thorough guides to his program, all highly recommended, but you can’t just stop taking prescribed drugs. Deficiencies are curable in time; damage caused by dehydration may not be.

I’ve always been a big water drinker, but am adding a little more unrefined seasalt to my diet. With hot weather making us perspire, we’ll be losing lots of water and salt. In Batman’s previous book, he recommended adding an iodine-rich food like kelp to your diet if you use unrefined seasalt, but in this one he just recommended a mineral-rich seasalt like I use from Utah’s salt beds.

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